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What is Shockwave Therapy?


It is a non-invasive tool that sends pneumatically-created shockwaves into the body through a handpiece. The effect creates tissue regeneration, muscle relaxation and trigger point reduction, elimination of calcification, pain relief, and reversal of chronic inflammation.

Shockwaves cause cell stimulation and growth factor release for cells to proliferate and differentiate. This leads to a growth of new tissue cells, new blood and lymph vessel formation, and the improved blood and lymph supply results in tissue repair. Tendons get increased collagen synthesis and accelerated regeneration. 

Shockwave is only appropriate for CHRONIC conditions that have been an issue for 3+ months.

Examples of appropriate conditions:

- chronic tendinosis (golfer's/tennis elbow, De Quervain's, rotator cuff tendon pain, Achilles pain)

- chronic plantar fasciitis

- heel spurs

- chronic carpal tunnel syndrome

- chronic knee discomfort (MCL, LCL, patellar tendon)

- chronic IT band pain

- chronic muscle injury (whiplash, rotator cuffs, hamstrings, piriformis syndrome, back pain, etc.)

- calcific tendinopathy (rotator cuffs)

- chronic hip or shoulder bursitis

Shockwave is not appropriate for the following:

- pregnancy

- acute inflammation less than 3 months old

- children/teenagers still experiencing growth spurts

- individuals with pacemakers

- blood disorders, coagulation problems, thrombosis, or use of blood thinners

- corticosteroid injection less than 6 weeks prior

- near implants, plates, or screws

- active cancer or tumour patients

- polyneuropathy

How do you prepare for this type of treatment? It's best if you avoid taking anti-inflammatories for 24 hours prior and avoid taking them for 48 hours after the procedure. Also avoid putting heat or cold onto the treated area for 48 hours after.

Direct billing is available under your Massage Therapy coverage.

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