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What is MLD (Manual Lymph Drainage)?


It is a gentle, rhythmical manual technique that strategically assists lymph flow in areas of the body that could be struggling with congestion to reduce oedema (tissue swelling). There are a few different MLD techniques. Specifically, Tatyana studied Vodder MLD, which was developed by Estrid and Emil Vodder in France in the 1930s.

Tatyana trained under Robert Harris and Koby Blanchfield in Victoria, BC and under Andreas and Hildegard Wittlinger in Walchsee, Austria. She has full Vodder MLD certification and can work with cancer patients, as long as they've been cleared by their oncologist.

MLD has many uses. It can help with:

- most types of surgery (pre-op AND post-op); cancer patients need clearance from their oncologist prior to treatment

- lymphedema

- lipedema

- poor blood circulation

- acute and chronic injury

- sinus congestion

- prenatal edema

- edema caused as a side-effect by certain medications (unless patient has MLD contraindications)

MLD should not be used if you're experiencing edema with:

- congestive heart failure

- cirrhosis

- kidney disease or damage

- deep vein thrombosis

- acute infection, cellulitis

- bronchial asthma or bronchitis

- active cancer malignancy or radiation dermatitis

MLD is best used in combination with proper skin care, movement and exercise, and compression garments or bandaging. To be fitted for compression garments, please let us know as Tatyana is a compression garment fitter through Juzo. She can measure and order Ready-to-Wear garments or create a custom compression garment order.

MLD cannot be booked using the online system. Please call the clinic first at 587-635-5555 (Boost Physiotherapy) so we may discuss your particular condition and recommend the most appropriate treatment plan. Usually, multiple appointments will be necessary to see substantial changes.

Please reach out with any inquiries.

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