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Because we're here to help with knowledgeable and compassionate care. We take our level of professionalism and effectiveness of treatment seriously. LGBTQ2S+ friendly and ALL bodies are welcome. We're a non-judgemental, inclusive, safe space for all. See for yourself how massage therapy can benefit your life.



Welcome! My name is Tatyana. I am the Registered Massage Therapist at The Walnut Tree mini-clinic, practicing since 2015.


I first graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting degree and have since performed with numerous theatre companies from Edmonton. I took a two-year hiatus from performing to study Massage Therapy and here I am now, having graduated from Vicars School of Massage in Edmonton, completing the 2,200-hour (2-year) program with Honours. In 2019, I have also fully certified as a Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage therapist.


I am a member of the Massage Therapist Association of Alberta and my passion is in helping individuals heal, whether that means stress management or treating a physical injury. My approach to massage therapy is that it must be customizable (no two bodies are the same), safe, and effective, where all clients are treated with the utmost respect and care.


It is helpful for massage therapists to stay current, hone additional skill sets, and expand their knowledge. These are the following workshops and classes that Tatyana attended in her post-graduate training thus far:


- Spinning Babies

- Professional Cupping Therapies

- Advanced Techniques for Neck & Upper Back

- Dr. Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage -- full certification; Vodder School International, Vodder Akademie (Austria)

- Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and You

- Anti-Racism for Wellness Professionals with Chrissy King

- Compression Garment Fitter course with Juzo

- Radial Shockwave Therapy Course by Rosen Kolev, PT MSc (BTL Representative) in collaboration with OrthoCanada




We are committed to treating clients to the fullest extent of our ability and knowledge, to provide massage that is healing, invigorating, and rejuvenating. We strive to use the best quality products in a professional environment, provide excellent client service, and be a leader in catering to clients' individual needs concerning treatment. Through a custom massage treatment plan, the goal is to always heal from where the issue is stemming, providing you with a better quality of life.



Massage Therapy is beneficial for those seeking help for:

- relieving physical soft tissue pain

- mental wellness; relieving anxiety and stress

- injury healing and prevention

- sleep improvement

- increasing the body's natural healing processes and metabolism

- alleviating muscle soreness and cramping

- increasing joint flexibility and range

- improving general health


Why wait? The Walnut Tree is here to help with compassionate, informed assistance to better your wellness. Whether you wish to de-stress and relax, treat a new or old injury, treat a physical condition, or a slight combination of everything, let us help put you on the right path.

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