At The Walnut Tree, we make your health, safety, and wellbeing a priority. The clinic has reopened on June 15, 2020 and the following are new policies in regards to how to keep each other safe during the pandemic at your massage appointment.

- Screening questions will be asked during the appointment confirmation phone call. Should your health change in the time between the call and the appointment, please let us know ASAP so we can cancel/reschedule. Should the therapist's health change and they need to stay home, we'll let you know ASAP to cancel/reschedule.


- All clients must wear a mask (any type is fine) when coming in for treatment. We'll definitely be wearing ours. If you forget your mask, we will sell you a disposable one for $2. The mask may be removed if you're uncomfortable or stuffy while lying face down on the massage table, but must be worn at all other times. Studies have shown that wearing masks significantly reduces the potential spread of airborne viruses and bacteria, in case you might be an asymptomatic carrier or if you're symptomless in the incubation stage.


- After entering the clinic, wash your hands/use hand sanitizer before touching anything inside. After washing/disinfecting, refrain from touching your phone, car keys, or any other items that could be contaminated (and that includes your face).


- Continue to practice safe social distancing to the best of your ability.


- Arrive alone. For everyone's safety, do not bring family/friends into the clinic with you; they'll have to wait in the car for the duration of your treatment if you do.

- If your job requires you to be in close physical proximity to the public or you work where there's a higher risk of exposure to contagious diseases and infections, please change your clothing and/or shower before arriving to our clinic.

- You will be required to complete a Covid-19 client questionnaire at every visit for the foreseeable future.


We will diligently follow all rules and regulations to keep you safe, including disinfecting all "high touch" areas between clients, wearing our masks, and having a freshly washed uniform daily. We finished the Alberta Health Services online PPE (personal protective equipment) course for proper donning, doffing, and usage of health safety gear. As before, the massage table sheets will always be clean, one-use, and just for you. We will continue to practice frequent hand washing and other health/sanitation protocols that were already in place before Covid-19.


Please continue to follow health and safety policies at other businesses, public spaces, etc. and thank you for respecting our protocols.

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