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At The Walnut Tree, we make your health, safety, and wellbeing a priority.


Mask requirements have been lifted on June 14, 2022 and masking is purely optional. If you wish to wear one but forgot to bring it, we have complimentary disposable ones for you. The mask may be removed if you're uncomfortable or stuffy while lying face down on the massage table. As the clinic practitioner, I will continue to wear my PPE for the moment being.


After entering the clinic, kindly wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.


Please arrive alone. Do not bring family/friends into the clinic with you, otherwise they'll have to wait in the car for the duration of your treatment as we do not wish to overcrowd the lobby area.


We will diligently follow all rules and regulations to keep you safe, including disinfecting all "high touch" areas between clients and wearing a freshly washed work uniform daily. As before, the massage table sheets will always be clean, one-use, and just for you. Frequent hand washing and other health/sanitation protocols that were already in place will, of course, still continue.

Thank you for your kindness and continued patronage. Your support of this small business of mine mean THE WORLD to me.

Best wishes,

Tatyana Rac (RMT) & The Walnut Tree

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